About Me

Mide. 26 year old.

I love cats. I love cute animals in general..

I watch anime. I read books, read more manga/comic books. I rarely watch TV except for the occasional interesting TV Series.

I listen mostly to J-music. Music is voice and melody to me, not really about lyrics.

My family couldn't afford any books when I was  little, if we count holy Quran for my parents marriage a book, then we had one book. My family are simple folks.

I read my first comic book at eight and my first novel at fourteen (or thirteen?), my first novel, if my memory serves me right, was Eragon, or Lord of the Rings, it's a bit of blur. Now that I work, I collect books and manga a lot, I have more books than clothes it irks my mom.

I shy away from romance story yet get worked up by one or several romance stories if I like its characters. I avoid tear-jerking story like a plague because I am a cry baby. I love angsty story though so I guess I am bit of masochist, if not a lot.

Lives in Surabaya at weekdays, lives in Malang at weekends. I don't break the pattern, usually.

Let's be friend. I don't bite :3

Update: 31 Maret 2017


  1. ternyata kita mirip, Mide. Sama-sama berasal dari keluarga yg bukan pecinta baca buku, sama-sama omni reader, suka romens sesekali untuk memberi rasa manis pada kehidupan yang pahit. Dan golongan darah kita juga sama B :D

  2. Midee, berkunjung. Aku suka semua genre kecuali komik ;p

    1. wahahaha tanda kita tak akan bisa cocok kali ya :3

  3. Haloo mbak, perkenankan saya datang berkunjung *halahh


sankyu ya (*≧▽≦)