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[Review] Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Title : Eleanor and Park
Author : Rainbow Rowell (@rainbowrowell)
Page : 325p
Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
Edition : Internal Edition, October 2013
ISBN : 978-1250-05399-2


"He'd stopped trying to bring her back."

There is nothing extraordinary about Eleanor and Park actually. Except for Eleanor. And karate-kid Park. Plot wise I have read a lot of love stories between two misfits whether it is in the world of romance novels or fanfic I have devoured for ages.

There is nothing new in this world. But character like Eleanor, who is bitter, snarky and sometimes insecure with her appearance (red hair, chubby and wrong clothes) and Park who loves comic books and music (which is pretty normal but somehow makes me think about Heero Yui or Chang Wufei) is mide-magnet. I don't care if it is a little bit cliche.

The story itself is about Eleanor, a new kid with bull's eye target on her back whom Park has to sit with on school bus. The six inches space between them diminish as they realize there is a chemistry that could work. Not just about the comic books and music.

Pretty boring premise, is not it? I can't even understand Park's music reference since I only listen to anime music and little girl idol song, much less comics :p I got bored half of this book, it was just too easy and super ultra sweet for my angst-loving self I stopped reading it last year. Until the deadline, you know, secret santa event and then this morning I started reading when Park did something so unexpected that I rooted for him out loud. Then it got very interesting and angsty.

That love is not always about happy ending.

It is so unlike Fangirl that's all sweet and orbited around female protagonist's problem and happy ending. "Eleanor and Park" will drag you to like Park's dad despite everything. All characters are so well developed, they are not just Eleanor and Park, but everyone who is centered around them. Once I like a character I won't give up the story even it sounds so cliche.

I cried and I cried over Eleanor's struggle with his dysfunctional family. It was so hard for me right after Man Tiger by Eka Kurniawan because both Eleanor and Margio was alike somehow in regards of family that I hoped Eleanor would just poison that abusive, good for nothing man her mom called husband.

I cried over how hard Park was trying. At everything.

"You can be Han Solo," he said, kissing her throat, "And I'll be Boba Fett. I'll cross the sky for you."

In the end it is so bittersweet. Love it. Four stars.

Thank you, santa!


Eh, talking about santa. I guess my santa for Secret Santa 2015 event is...

Mbak Alvina!

I had to browse through all BBI members' blogs to see if anything fit the Agatha Christie laden riddle and that was kind of exhausting if you didn't have proper internet connection or any knowledge about Agatha Christie, orz. Back with mbak Anggie, I just had to sit still and stared at her mix tape. Then it just clicked.

Santa, santa, am I right about this?


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