Monday, 3 November 2014

October Book Haul - Buying Monday #5

After three or four months of depraving myself from buying book, I finally snapped and bought books like crazy since September. I need to calm down and do book-fasting, again (?)

For I don't remember what I bought last September, I will only post October book and comic books haul :3

from litbox

From litbox (Ika Natasha), tried it on a wimp: a reason to buy local books.
2. Damn! Lebih Indah dari Cinta 
3. Dari Kirara untuk Seekor Gagak 

since I am not that excited with "the blend", I sent it to my little sister. She couldn't comprehend #ReadingIsSexy concept brought by litbox, she did read Sabtu Bersama Bapak though.

historical books!

4. Kisah - Kisah Rakyat Irlandia 
5. Max Havelar
6. A short History of The World
7. Perang Salib

8. Temeraire #3
9. Orang-Orang Tanah
10. Moon Opera
11. Carrie
12. The Silkworm (english)
13. Fangirls (from Penerbit Spring, read my review here)

comic books

Well, that's not all, but I don't want to mention that I bought some comic books double because I did stupid things all the time :/

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