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Girl, Stolen - April Henry

Title: Girl, Stolen
Author: April Henry
Published: February 2nd 2012
Publisher: Walker Books
Format: Paperpack, 216p

This was one of those books that took forever to finish. Not only because I felt like reading textbook, but also because work had been clawing my back like some angry beast. Plus, I lost this book in Gubeng Station. I fall a sleep while waiting for my train clutching this book, then when the train arrived, I just walked like zombie. 30 minutes later, I realized this book was not with me :(

This book is not my own but a book club friend's, so I got to buy this no matter what. And it took more that a month.

Anyway, the cover lured me. As someone who loves angsty story, I thought I had to read this. Plus, it got disabled girl as a main character and it seemed that this girl was not some damsel in distress even when she was blind :3


Cheyene Wilder was sick, waiting for her stepmother when a stupid thief stole the car. She was blind and Griffin, the stupid thief, was as not as idiot as he seemed. Griffin successfully stole the car with less trouble from agitated Cheyene.

The problem worsened when Griffin's father knew that Wilder was a the daughter of rich bbusinessman let's say it's president of Nick. Yeah, that Nick. Griffin planned to just let her go somewhere, but his dad wouldn't let him do it.

This started Cheyene new struggle to get away from her abduction, with or without Griffin's help.


I had more distressing drama to get the 2nd copy of this book than Cheyene. I mean, okay, getting abducted is a real distressing experience that losing a book in train station, but the author failed to tell us how much drama Cheyene went through.

Do you read your English textbook in high school? There were some stories, the plain short story ones, yeah that how "Girl, Stolen" felt like.

Cheyene herself, as I expected was not sobbing damsel in distress, well, she cried out of fear of course, but who wouldn't? She was blind and abducted. But she was strong despite being a rich kid, she was not your mainstream rich girl. The best thing about this book is Cheyene, I think. Griffin's characterization and attraction to Cheyene should have been explained more, but, well, the author didn't want more drama in her book.

I will always associate this book Gubeng Surabaya station and strong blind girl, forever.

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