Thursday, 21 November 2013

History Reading Challenge 2014

Another challenge when I can't even finish this year challenge? I do what I want to do, ha! History has always been my fav subject anyway, you can't stop me to hop in this ship and sink with it, eh.

To cut this post short because I am seconds to fall asleep on my laptop, this is the rule to join:

1. To join in, you must have either blog/Facebook/Goodreads where you can post your thoughts.
2. Pick one of the level suits you, and post about this challenge in your blog, or just comment in this post. You can mention books you’d like to read too—but no obligation (I’m only curious!). Of course, you might change the level or the books later on along the event.
3. Register through the linky on Fanda's Blog (you might put the link to your challenge post or just your blog/FB/Goodreads URL).
4. Place the challenge banner somewhere on your blog, linking to this post, in case others want to participate too.

There is analysis question to put some spice but it's opsional (no?)

And here is the challenge level:

Student : read 1 to 3 books
Scholar : read 4 to 6 books
Historian : read 7 or more books

I actually expected more than this but considering history books tend to get really heavy and thick and boring, this is very rasional. I was just being a pretentious brat. So what level? Since apparently people own their history books unlike me who rely on public library (and wikipedia!) to read some heavy stuff I can't afford I will choose scholar level.

This is one of many history books I want to read:


I will never get over this topic!

Only one?

I am sure I can find interesting books in public library or my friends' libraries. I am currently obsessed with my own country's history, I think this challenge will be dominated with it. I can't wait to start this challenge!

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  1. Thanks for joining. A good choice there, I didn't know that Elex published this book.


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